Pre-Need Planning

Planning Ahead

Thinking about the time when our pets must leave us is very difficult. A special program is available for those wishing to plan during a period of calm, not crisis. Pre-Need Planning allows you to enjoy the last years with your pet knowing that the difficult decisions about final care have been made and will not have to be faced during a time of grief.

Why Pre-Need Planning?

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Unlike people, pets cannot make final arrangements for themselves. Their final resting place depends entirely upon their owner's wishes to provide dignity and memorialization in return for the years of unquestioned love and devotion.

Because pet owners do not want to think of their pet's inevitable death, decisions about final arrangements are often put off until later. Then, when the sad day comes, they are faced with many questions in the midst of stressful emotions. Often times they will turn the matter over to someone else to "take care of it". We have talked to many people who, after recovering from their grief, are extremely upset to discover that there are no magical burial grounds for pets. They do not know what has become of their little friend, or are fearful to ask. Perhaps in their moment of grief, a hasty decision was made and later could not be changed.

We mention this fact simply because we want you to know that all of these decisions can be made in a period of calm--not crisis.

Pre-Need Planning for Pets is a service offered by the Franklin Pet Cemetery for those who recognize the wisdom of pre-planning.

How Can I Plan Ahead?

The pets family makes an appointment to visit the cemetery or call to discuss their options. They may inspect the grounds, review selections available, and discuss cemetery policies and prices. A burial plot will be selected, along with other desired amenities. Pet owners may choose exactly the services they wish for their pets, keeping in mind their budget and personal preferences. Payment in full is expected before the interment is made. Burial costs will vary depending upon your selections. They can be very modest or as elaborate as you wish.

Later when the pet must leave you, a simple phone call is all that is needed. A member of our staff will take over, and a burial time will be scheduled. You may chose whether or not you want to be present for a final good-bye.

A licensed crematory is also located on the cemetery grounds and a large selected of urns is available for those who prefer cremation.

Your final act of love and respect is a true "thank you" for the years of love and devotion that your pet has given you. You will rest, assured that your special pet has been cared for in exactly the manner that you chose at a time when you were calm and thinking clearly.

From time to time a family does not desire to make definite arrangements in advance. In these situations we advise the family to make themselves familiar, in advance, with all the options that will be available at the time of need. You are welcome to visit Franklin Pet Cemetery anytime.

Occasionally a family is unable to visit the cemetery for arrangements, and exceptions may be made for telephone arrangements.